Monday, March 28, 2011

Round of Applause

I left school today receiving a round of applause from my colleagues. Almost all teachers I know carry some version of a tote bag to and from school with their work inside. I did this during student teaching but soon realized that my bags didn't last long and my shoulders soon wore tired and strained. Enter the incredible rolling cart I received from my mother as one of my graduation presents!! This thing has saved me from the neck and shoulder pain I had all too often last year. It also gives me the space to carry an insanely large amount of work home.

I roll my beloved cart home from school everyday with way more work than I will ever get done. I do this mostly because I feel better knowing that I lugged it all home than I would if I didn't bring it but then realized that I needed it. Needless to say, my cart has become my accessory at school.

During Spring Break, I made a promise to myself that I would work harder to set better boundaries between work and home. In order to do that, I know that I must use my time more efficiently at school. That is exactly what I did today! At the end of the day, I gathered a small folder of papers to grade and a couple of things on my to-do list.

As I was walking out, I said bye to the group of teachers and my principal chatting in the hallway. Then, my principal says "OMG, where is your tag-along??!!" Immediately after her comment, the hallway burst in to applause and whistles. I smiled and felt so proud of my small yet pivotal feat. I know there will be days in which I need my to bring my beloved cart, but it most certainly won't be everyday!!

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  1. Good for you! It certainly is hard sometimes NOT to bring a ton of things home. My first year teaching, my principal often commented on how I wasn't bringing things home. I had a 4/5 split class AND took 4 grad classes that year along with my girls at home. I HAD to set the boundary somewhere. I look back at that year and wonder how in the world I did it all! :)

    Good for you for taking time for yourself!