Sunday, May 29, 2011

End of Year Crunch Time

Well we are T-1 day and 1 hour from the end of the school year. I am so ready to wrap up this year, but the reality of saying good-bye to my kiddos and half of our building staff (the bilingual program is moving to another school) is starting to set in. Unfortuntately the whirlwind of all of the end-of-the year tasks is consuming my life right now. We are moving into our brand new school in August, so we are packing EVERYTHING in our rooms for the big move. In addition to packing up everything except for the walls, I have been inventorying books and supplies like crazy, since half of my materials will be moving with the bilingual program. I had no clue about all of this craziness at the end of the year, not to mention report cards, cum files, etc. I am taking things step by step and trying to breathe along the way.

How are you managing your end of the year responsibilities?