Saturday, April 16, 2011

April Hustle and Bustle

Today is my 100th post!!! I definitely don't post as much as I would like but it feels good to meet this milestone in blogging!!!

One of the reasons why I just cannot seem to find time to post is that my school is in a huge transition period that requires TONS of time outside of school. We will be a STEM school next year and we are doing curriculum writing to integate our current district curriculum with our STEM focus. This past week, we found out that we were getting $2,000 per classroom to buy books for our classroom library. This was FANTSTIC news, but we then found out that the order lists were due at the end of the week. We absolutely scrambled and fumbled around all week to get this completed. It is exctiting to know that I will actually have a well-stocked library b/c I have maybe 5 books in my own collectiont that are appropriate for kindergarten!!

I will be spending all day today getting my plans ready for next week. Tomorrow I will be spending 2 hours (and I promise you not a single minute later!!) planning curriculum with my kindergarten team. I was not happy to spend my Sunday afternoon at school, but I do see the value/need. Monday, our entire school staff will be planning curriculum together from 3:30-8:00!! Then we have a literacy night at the public library on Tuesday. OMG....this month has so much packed into it!!! They are all events/meetings that absolutely need to take place, but jeez it's tough with everything happening so close together!

I hope you all have a restful weekend!!