Friday, January 8, 2010

Desk Arrangement Disaster

Attempting to try something new, we put our students in groups of 4 to give them an opportunity to work more collaboratively with assignments and to motivate some students who have had some behavioral and academic challenges by grouping them with some students who are positive role models in both areas. This was such a challenge because we had more people who needed role models than we had role models to group them with. We have quite a few students who cannot be paired with almost half the class because they are easily distracted by those students. I have come to the conclusion today that our current arrangements WILL NOT WORK!!! There were two of four groups that were off task just about all day. It was only when their groups were broken up and dispersed throughout the room that we saw even a hint of change in behavior. I really don't know if I want go from groups to maybe pairs or just try a new set of 4-person groups...gotta figure something out for Monday!


  1. Desk arrangements in my opinion are never fun. I have tables in my classroom so I can't really change the number of kids but I am constantly moving around kids because some kids just can't be near each other.

  2. Ah, desk arrangements! It's like Russian roulette. I find that there's never a perfect mix, unless I'm blessed with a dream group (Which is not often enough).