Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Watch What You Say

So here’s a funny story…today was hat day/crazy hair day at the middle school. Most of the boys wore hats and the girls wore crazy hair. It took incredible control for me not to ask each person who passed me with a hat on to take it off…guess it’s the teacher in me! Anyway, my Language Arts noticed one of the girls in our 1st hour class looking sad. She asked her if everything was alright and told her to smile because the week was almost over. My CT then took a glance at her hair and said, way to show your school spirit for Crazy Hair Day! I’m not even gonna lie, it did look pretty darn crazy! After getting a stone cold look from the girl, my CT asked “You did your hair like that for Crazy Hair Day, right?” The now furious student replied “No, I did NOT do my hair like this for Crazy Hair Day” and stormed off. Lesson learned: never make a comment about a student’s hair if you do not know for sure the reason it was styled that way!!!


  1. Wow. How sad and horrible and funny at the same time.

    I once saw a teacher regret yelling at a kid to take his coat off. She kept screaming, "Jacket off, jacket off" and couldn't see why kids were laughing. It was awkward.

  2. It sounds awkward!! It sounds kind of contradictory, but I think it's best not to ask/badger unless you know (or have a good hunch)!!