Tuesday, October 27, 2009

8th Grade Horror

So....I've started my second placement in an 8th grade Language Arts and Spanish class. All I can say is OMG!! The last two days has absolutely been the most dreadful experience ever!! There are about 6 interns from my program at this middle school and all of the CT's except for one treat us like the scum beneath their toes. All we do is push papers all day and work on our work from the methods course we're taking. The CT's do not interact with us at all and it is almost like we are a burden to them or something. Not to mention, I have had almost ZERO interactions with the students because all I do is sit in the back of the classroom! Thank goodness I get to leave that heck hole and go back to my 5th graders a few days a week for the after school program!! Since I consider myself to be an optimistic realist, I know that these teachers really don't want us around, but I am HOPING that by some miraculous event, things will get better. Oh, did I mention that the Spanish teacher knows exactly NOTHING about the Spanish language??!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!! Okay, I know that not everyone who teaches a foreign language has majored in it like I have, but geez, to say you only took 3 courses in college 10 years ago is really sad. To top it off, she gets all flustered when she says something in Spanish when I'm in the room so she refuses to let me say anything in Spanish...I think it's because she doesn't want to look bad. That is definitely not my style and I would never make anyone feel like that. These teachers see no place for us in their classrooms and let me tell you, I'm not feeling much like being there either!!! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


  1. Whoa! That sounds rough. Spanish teacher sounds like a trip. Observation has its merits, but how does sitting in the back of a classroom help you become a better educator? Wait, maybe this is your lesson in how NOT to teach.

    My honest advice....If the scenario doesn't improve, approach the coordinator or person who assigned you this placement and respectfully & politely request a difference placement. You are paying for your program and you deserve an environment that supports you in your desire to become an excellent educator. I understand there is a process to placements and all that, but student teaching should not be something that you endure and suffer through. It should a learning experience that helps you grow as a teacher.

    Keep us posted on how it goes!! I hope it gets better!


  2. Update: I talked to the coordinator about the atmosphere and attitudes I (along with the other interns) have encountered. She said that she got a similar vibe from them during the CT orientation, but she just attributed it to "End of the Quarter Blues". She said that she would speak to the team teachers and clarify what our role should be for the next 5 weeks. I go in tomorrow for a School Improvement Day and I am committed to walking in with a renewed, positive attitude. Hopefully with P/T Conferences out of the way and a new understanding of why I'm there in the first place, we will be able to re-start from a better place!!